DJI Osmo Action: la cámara que amenaza la hegemonía de GoPro

The big difference is that the Osmo Action has two screens, one in the back and another full color in the front

Go Pro, the maximum reference in action cameras, will have a new competitor. The new launch of the Chinese company DJI is so small that it fits in the palm of the hand, but at the same time it is capable of submerging in water up to 60 meters.

This is the Osmo Action, a camera that on May 22 will go on sale in the United States for USD 349.

Although it has not yet been reported when it will be released in the rest of the continent and Europe, it is already possible to acquire it via internet.

Like the GoPro Hero 7 Black, the Osmo Action captures video in 4K quality at 60 fps or 4 to 30 fps with HDR and both have stabilization systems.

The first has HyperSmooth, while the second has a stabilizer called RockSteady.

Both are water resistant and allow you to take photos while recording and doing timelapses.

In comparison, the product of DJI is cheaper than its counterpart, but the inequality is not very big either (USD 50 approx).

The big difference is that the Osmo Action has two screens, one on the back and another full color on the front. The idea of ​​this is to offer the user the possibility of checking perfectly the image he is capturing.

The rear screen measures 5.7 centimeters, while the front screen is 3.5 centimeters.

DJI has integrated two microphones for audio capture, as well as a speaker for content playback, but these aspects also allow the control of Osmo Action through voice commands.

Another advantage is its compatibility with the existing accessories for GoPro, which in some cases will save additional costs.

In addition, the company announced that mobile phones, tablets, drones or cameras may be delivered to obtain a discount on the purchase of an Osmo Action.

Finally, the camera can be connected to the DJI Mimo application for smartphones via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth for content transfer. With this application you can make live broadcasts or edit videos quickly, among other options.

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